Vertical In Line sputter system.

  • The plasma cleaning process is combined .
  • The upper part of the trolley adopts a non-contact (maglev) design, and the lower part adopts a friction rod to cooperate with the vacuum ferro for stable transmission.
  • Shorten the trolley spacing and increase the utilization efficiency of target coating.
  • The substrate can be fully coated and has the advantages of low PARTICLE process.
  • It can cooperate with the auto-handing pick-and-place film and CIM plant planning.
  • The operating platform is established to facilitate equipment maintenance.
  • Customized coating effective area and specification structure to meet industrial process requirements.
  • Metal sputter process / reactive sputter process / oxide sputter process
  • BSITO / solar cell / touch sensor / TFT / Optical / active and passive component / Chip EMI and other industries.