F.S.E CORPORATION Founded in 1997, with “vacuum coating technology” as the core, after more than 20 years of hardening, it has provided the LED industry with more than 1,500 E-Gun/Thermal Evaporator Systems (E-Gun/Thermal Evaporator System). LED industry chain, an important equipment provider.

In recent years, FSE CORPORATION’s equipment integration technology has been continuously improved, and has successfully developed a continuous sputtering system (In-Line Sputter), an optical coating system (Optical Coater), and a cluster type in-line sputtering system (Cluster Type In-Line Sputter). High-difficulty mass-produced equipment, suitable for EMI Coating anti-electromagnetic wave coating, tool and decorative coating or touch panel manufacturing, is indeed a technological leader in equipment localization
In addition, in response to the demand for chemical vapor deposition (CVD) equipment, ALD-CVD equipment has been developed one after another, which is widely used in the energy industry (Solar Cell/thin film battery). For the development of etching equipment, Fulin also developed a plasma etching system (Plasma Etch Clean System) to meet the needs of the domestic semiconductor optoelectronics industry.

FSE CORPORATION has been adhering to the enthusiasm of “service first” and “leading technology” for a long time. It has been recognized by customers and continues to support the growth of Fulum. In the future, Fulum will continue to focus on research and development and actively develop new equipment and new applications. Strengthen the service, increase the service base in the customer’s location, in order to create a win-win situation.