Equipment advantages

  1. Among Taiwan’s equipment manufacturers, the vacuum coating industry equipment models and processes have the highest coverage and the equipment has sales performance, and has the SECS & CIM automation experience & SEMI S2 semiconductor equipment certification of the whole plant.
  2. Effectively execute cavity simulation design, aiming at high output (Short tact time), execute simulation data establishment including pumping speed and cavity stress tolerance.
  3. Integration capability: PEM reactive coating process control system / optical film coating system. In line sputter system’s automatic trolley chasing control system, the trolley spacing can be controlled to <=20mm.
  4. Master Cathode’s design and development capabilities, and can correspond to different magnetic field designs according to process requirements, and the actual mass production uniformity can be controlled ≤ 3~5%.
  5. The equipment maintenance platform is designed to shorten the time required for PM and improve equipment utilization.
  6. Set up a permanent service base to provide quick spare parts & complete repair services.