F.S.E Corporation develops mass production equipment for LED heat dissipation substrate technology DLC PCB

LED is small in size, high in efficiency, fast in response time, longer in product life than other light sources, and does not contain mercury that is harmful to the environment. It is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly product of the times. Therefore, the LED industry has been emitting heat in recent years, the efficiency of light emission has increased day by day, and the cost of production has dropped significantly.

In order to effectively solve the problem of LED heat dissipation, various manufacturers are making every effort to develop new heat dissipation technologies. Among them, Diamond Like Carbon (Diamond Like Carbon) DLC has many superior material properties: high thermal conductivity, thermal uniformity, and high material strength, etc… If DLC can be applied to high-power LED packaging interface technology, LED PCB production The high temperature can be quickly brought to the heat sink of the inner and outer shell, and the outer shell generates radiant heat to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation and heat balance, and effectively improve the life, reliability, and light output of LED products. This new technology will be a new generation Technical indicators.

F.S.E Corporation has studied the field of vacuum technology for many years, and has excellent performance in various coating and etching applications. In 2010, it has successfully developed DLC CVD film forming equipment. At present, large-area a-C:H DLC equipment has been delivered to customers for mass production. The machine adopts a leaf-type mass production design and can carry 5~7 process chambers at the same time. The cluster has the most flexible design for different film thickness or product characteristics. The characteristics of the machine are as follows:

 General Specifications
Outer dimension (mm)7000(L) x 8000(W) x 1800(H)
Substrate Size700X550X4mm Al
Loading FunctionSingle sub. in/out
Transfer Unit5.5G Vacuum Robot
Pre-heater Chamberwith IR Lamp
L/L chamber vacuumBase Pressure:≤ 20 mTorr Leak Rate: ≤1 mTorr/min
Transfer chamber vacuumBase Pressure:≤ 20 mTorr Leak Rate: ≤1 mTorr/min
DLC chamber vacuumBase Pressure:<1×10-6 Torr Leak Rate: ≤0.5 mTorr/min
Process chamber MaterialSUS316
Auto Pressure Control systemMKS 627B and VAT S65 series valve
Power supply13.56MHz RF power supply
Gas Distribution2-layer Shower head
Mass Flow ControllerAE MFC 7800 series for 6 channel